About Us

Andun is an innovative internet-led IP protection service platform. We provide one-stop protection for IP, and offer legal consulting information technology and other services. Andun is dedicated in constructing a leading value supply chain of IP protection in the industry.

Andun leads the Andun Team with nationwide outstanding IP lawyers and the 'Wujia' application that brings civils' participation. Through industry-leading expertise, Andun has proudly earned renowned clients, such as 'Tencent', 'Xiaomi', 'HUAWEI', 'DJI-Innovations', 'Maxims', 'Yonghe', 'Haier', 'Happy Goat', 'Alpha Animation', 'Skyworth', 'Netac Technology', 'Mercedes-Benz' and more.

AndunIP is a member of China Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeit Innovation Strategic Alliance (CAASA), and a council member of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Association and Shenzhen Copyright Association. On the international scale Andun is a member of the International Intellectual Property Protection Association (AIPPI) and Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA). Andun is determined to be the pioneer in constructing China's soft power and commissioned to accelerate innovation across nations.