Major Benefits

Angel Investment

Andun selects the best IPR lawyers to join the Angel Program, supporting them with funds, with the attempt to create a professional IPR lawyers' incubator, and to help them grow in IPR area.

Sufficient Case Source

Andun has converged authorization of hundreds of well-known enterprises, furnishing them with one-stop intellectual property rights protection services. Andun categorizes those cases and combines with a variety of ways to fight against IPR infringement.

Professional Training
Andun dedicates itself to establishing a sophisticated IPR training system, integrating all IPR lawyers around China, build an IPR lawyers’ community. Each Andun lawyer, regardless of the length of working experience, area of practice or working places, can receive Andun's best support, making them feel like a true part of Andun family.
Andun Legal Team
Team Leader Name City

谢兵 安盾  卓冉所 上海

唐向阳 安盾  盈科所 广州

俞菁华 安盾  卓建所 深圳

唐本全 安盾  卓建所 深圳

麦世宏 安盾  宏威所 台湾

唐猛 安盾  协力所 徐州

孟海 安盾  利人所 深圳

朱界平 安盾  盈科所 成都

上官翰清 安盾  理争所 福州

Team Leader Name City

牟善志 安盾  朗信银龙所 哈尔滨

李庆峰 安盾  浙杭所 杭州

黄学国 安盾  海扬所 济南

李晓月 安盾  得法所 唐山

霍琳 安盾  华徽所 武汉

汪涛 安盾  忠三所 襄阳

刘青 安盾  浩晟所 银川

王辉 安盾  路德所 郑州

周炜 安盾  中钦所 重庆

元武 安盾  拓维所 福州

Navigation Plan
We appreciate every Andun lawyer and legal team, who joined our IPR protection group. We will travel to your city to share the latest development in both global and national IPR protection.

1, No less than 3 team members

2, Focus on IPR protection

[You will learn in Andun]

1, Investigation methods

2, Case management, litigation skills

3, Establish notary network

4, Methods to attract local clients

Angel Investment Plan
Andun is willing to provide angel investment to those legal groups, which dedicate themselves to establishing professional intellectual property teams, equipping them at the same time with professional training, team management, team development, and other aspects, in order to help them to develop steadily and become a well-known local intellectual property legal team in the area it serves.

1, No less than 3 years of working experience as a lawyer or judge, has handled more than 100 IPR cases.

2, Interested in corporate governance, intellectual property legal services, such as counterfeit litigation and other anti-infrigement methods.

[You will receive from Andun]

1, Sufficient cases

2, Financial support

3, IPR and team management training

Join Andun Legal Team
We work together efficiently and collaboratively, we have experience, we always grasp opportunities, we look forward to creating an innovative future.

Andun wants you! Join us
Join Angel Plan or Navigation Plan by sending your details

"Name+Law firm+telephone+Angel Plan/Navigation Plan" to Chen Guoping)